Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hope your Halloween doesn't stink!

Until Isaac is old enough to tell us what he wants to be for Halloween, he gets to match with Cracker.

(We had fun dressing these guys up last year too!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Disney Land

This week Isaac and I went to Disney Land... and we bought a season pass! Isaac had a great time and I am looking forward to going back with friends and family.

It was a hot day but we had a fun day with our friends Sherri & Daniel. The boys were really excited to go on the Tea Cups. I think they really liked the music and all the bright colored cups spinning around.

Isaac's favorite was the carousel. He was so happy sitting up on that horse!

He also liked the Jungle Cruise. He liked riding on a boat and seemed fascinated by the alligators and hippos and fish popping out of the water.

And after 4 hours of Disney Land, a miracle happened: Isaac fell asleep in his stroller for the first time ever! I think this means we will have to go back.

Roommates Reunited

Last week Isaac and I flew to Portland to visit my best friend Mikael. Mikael and I were roommates until four and a half years ago when we both finally decided to get out of Provo! It was a sad parting but we have done so good at staying in touch and have made an effort to see each other at least once a year. This time it was my turn to go visit her and see the new twins!

Roommates in 2002

Moms in 2008

We knew that with four kids all 2 and under we wouldn't be able to go out too much, but it was still really fun to just visit and be moms together. Our friend Ethan came over to visit one day, we went for a walk, made cookies, stayed up late talking every night, and even made an outing to Ikea with all four kids piled in the van (thanks Ethan & Natalie!).

Also, on my last night there Derek came home from work early and we set out on our big adventure. We took the kids to Safari Sams so Makenzie and Isaac could play on all the slides, tunnels, the balls, etc. They loved it!

Afterwards we went to dinner at Sweet Tomatos. This is another tradition for Mikael & I whenever we get together. When we were in Provo we used to drive 30 minutes away to go eat there and we loved it, so it is always fun to go back and eat there together.

Here is Isaac enjoying a few bites of my ice cream.

It was really fun to be able to sit and talk like the good old days... except now we have four kids to interrupt us! We still had a good time though and I am looking forward to our next get together.