Monday, September 12, 2011

Luke's Baby Blessing

In our church newborn babies receive a special blessing given in church by their father.  We blessed Luke on September 11th with lots of family and friends in attendance.

My parents and sister, Wendy came from Utah and Charlie's parents came from New Mexico.  It was fun having everyone in town and we had a busy weekend.  On Thursday night Sandy came out with her kids and we all went down the street to the Woodbridge Lagoon for swimming, dinner, and s'mores.  

Janelle, Karl (Charlie's parents), Charlie, Patty, Dan (my parents) & Wendy (my sister) at the Lagoon

My Dad with my nieces Katie & Hailey, and Wendy

My nephew Ryan & Isaac feeding the geese & ducks at the Lagoon

My Mom playing in the sand with Isaac & Hailey

Luke & Charlie

Charlie's father, Karl wanted to take Isaac fishing.  He bought him a little pole and we walked down to the lake to try our luck.  Unfortunately, Isaac didn't have much patience for fishing and I'm not sure if there were many fish out there to be caught anyway.

Karl & Isaac waiting for the fish

On Saturday morning Charlie, Karl & I went for a run and then after that we spent most the day shopping, making food, cleaning, and getting ready for our company the next day.  We had to stop to eat though!  For lunch we decided to try out the food truck craze.  We tracked down the "Lobsta Truck" in Costa Mesa and had lobster rolls, chips, and fresh squeezed lemonade for lunch. 

Saturday night we got everyone together again to have dinner at The Whole Enchilada.  It's a little strip mall Mexican restaurant in Diamond Bar that my family always went to when I was growing up.  My parents like to eat there whenever they are visiting in California.  

Wendy, Katie, Patty, Dan, Janelle, Karl, Luke, Carrie, Charlie, Isaac, Chris, Ryan, Sandy & Hailey -
Dinner at The Whole Enchilada

After dinner we went back to Sandy's house and played a little bit of Wii bowling.  

Sunday was the Blessing day.  Charlie was joined by several family members and friends, and gave Luke a beautiful blessing.  Afterwards the bishop commented that he was watching Luke during the blessing and that little Luke had a big smile on his face the entire time.  

After Sacrament meeting we hosted about 40 people in our little condo for brunch.  It was a bit crowded, but we made it work and had a lovely afternoon.  

My Aunt Karen, my Mom & sister Sandy

I was so thankful that Janelle was here helping us all weekend to get ready.  The food turned out beautiful and her quiche was the star of the show with several people asking for the recipe.  We also had overnight blueberry french toast, fresh fruit, muffins, a coffee cake, little smokies and a sparkling pink lemonade.  

Charlie & our friend Pedro

Here's a few more photos of all of the family.

My cousin Becky & Aunt Kathy

My cousins Dallin & Roger and my Aunt Janet

My cousin Tom with his wife Krista and two of their children Stryder & baby Bennett

Karl & Janelle

Patty & Dan (my parents), with the Wood Family

Janelle & Karl with their grandsons Luke & Isaac

After getting the house put back together and relaxing for a bit, we went with Charlie's parents down to Newport Beach where we walked along the pier and watched the fishermen and the boogie boarders.

My parents were staying at Sandy's house and were planning to drive home on Monday, but I got a call in the morning letting me know they decided to stay an extra day.  After taking Karl & Janelle back to the airport, and picking Isaac up from school, we drove out to Sandy's house for the rest of the evening.  

Sandy, Carrie & Wendy (three of the four Stran sisters - we were missing Lisa!) 

My Mom with Luke 

My niece Hailey - she is the funniest little girl! 
It was such a nice weekend with all of our family and we were so glad that everyone was able to come for the blessing.