Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving From Paris

More photos to come later!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Counting Down to Paris

I am so excited to go and cannot stop thinking about it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Three Years Ago Today...

Happy Anniversary to us!

Weekend in Chicago

Last week we went on a fun little trip. Charlie had to go to Chicago for the weekend for work and he was nice enough to bring Isaac & I along with him.

The first thing we had to do while we were there was to go buy a new stroller. We gate checked Isaac's stroller all in one piece, but when we got off the plane this is what we found:

And just in case you are wondering, American Airlines is not responsible for this. See, even though I have used this stroller almost everyday for the last 7 months without a problem, this stroller happens to be a "fragile" item. If it cannot withstand complete negligence and being thrown from the jet bridge, then that is our problem not AA's.

We had a free day on Friday and thought it would be fun to go to Wisconsin to look for cheese. We love cheese. After driving across the state line we stopped and got a map from the state welcome center.

The map was very helpful and led us to this:

It is not everyday you see cheese advertised this way. Only in Wisconsin. So we loaded up on the cheese and drove on to Milwaukee. Isaac loved the cheese and ate tons and tons of it in the car. I knew I should have stopped giving it to him but he was just loving it so much! Unfortunately I think it made him a little sick because he did not eat much of anything for the next 24 hours. Cheese overload.

Downtown Milkwaukee was really nice. It was a beautiful day so we got out and walked all around. There is a great park and bike trail that runs along the shore of Lake Michigan. We let Isaac explore the park for a bit and then we found a little cafe for lunch.

Since Charlie had to work Isaac and I spent a lot of time relaxing at the hotel and we also did a little shopping. We all went out for Chicago style pizza one night. I had never tried it before but it was fantastic. We ordered Isaac his own kids meal. He gets very serious about his food and he absolutely loves french fries!

It was a quick and simple trip but it was nice to get away. Isaac slept great at the hotel and was also well behaved on both flights. It is a lot of work to keep him entertained on the plane, but we managed. Now we are just praying he will be this good on our trip to Paris later this month. Only 17 more days to go and we can't wait!