Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Next Best Thing... Sprinkles Cupcakes would have to be the Barefoot Contessa box mixes.

Yesterday I decided to stop by Sprinkles to pick up a few Father's Day cupcakes for Charlie. I figured the store would be busy, but as I pulled into the parking lot I realized that "busy" was a major understatement! After finally finding a parking spot clear on the other side of the shopping center, I made my way to the store and took my place at the end of an incredibly long line.

The last time I had seen the Sprinkles line even close to this long was on Valentine's Day - and even then it was only half as long as what I was facing yesterday. After about ten minutes I threw in the towel. I knew I wouldn't be leaving with cupcakes anytime in the next hour or more.

But then on my way back to the car I decided to stop in Sur La Table. Lo and behold the Barefoot Contessa cupcake mixes!!! Charlie and I had tried the chocolate ones before and they were fantastic. This time I went for the coconut. I made a second stop at Bristol Farms to pick up a few ingredients. $14 (these mixes aren't cheap) and 10 minutes later I was on my way. I glanced at the Sprinkles line again as I drove past... the guy in the green shirt who had been in front of me hadn't moved an inch.

Making the cupcakes myself probably took just about as long as I would have spent standing in line at Sprinkles. And for $14 I now have a dozen cupcakes instead of just 4. They are worth every penny. These things are to die for. If you'd like to try one, just stop by before we finish them all off!


Mikael said...

those look AMAZING!!! Carrie, you are such a Martha Stewart you dont even know it. Charlie, get ready when Carrie has that baby and stays home. you will LOVE it! She will have dinners ready and cupcakes to die for all the time :)

Charlie said...

They are SOOO good! She is a great cook. All she needs is more confidence and a bit of speed. (she takes 5 minutes to frost each one! lol)

I'm a lucky guy.

Chris said...

Stop in before they are all gone, eh? Lets see......there were 6 of you at dinner last night, 12 - 6 = 6......somehow, if you can't make it to the Wood's by tonight, my bet is that they will be gone! They wouldn't last til lunch time in my house.

Charlie said...

Nope....we did not offer them to our house guests last night! Is that rude? We had them on a cake plate on the buffet table....but not offered!

(actually Carrie's sister brought the dessert so we didn't need to share. And I kept in on the down low how good they were because I did not want to share)

Shannon and John said...

I've had those before. They were very good. I've never had a sprinkles cup cake before. I'll have to go try one when I come into town.

Mike said...

wow...they look Crazy Delicious! Thanks for not making enough for your colleagues at work! haha ;)

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