Saturday, July 28, 2007

Flourescent Nightmare

It's been a few years since I've gone to a nail salon for a pedicure. I have no problem doing my own nails. And I'm cheap. But a few weeks ago as I was straining to reach my toes, I decided that next time I was going to be paying someone to reach them for me. "Next time" was on Thursday.

I've got to hand it to those nail girls... it's a job I'd never want to have. Unfortunately, most of them are a little hard to understand. This was the case on Thursday. And gosh who knew this was a sales job! The girl kept pushing me to upgrade to the Deluxe or even the Supreme Package. Nope, just the basic pedicure. That's all I want. But somehow during the 30 minutes or so I was sitting there she must have tricked me into agreeing to something extra. Sure the massage and all that is nice, but all I really wanted was to have my toe nails trimmed and painted. $30 later I walked out with soft, smooth feet and perfectly manicured nails.

But wait....

How did I end up with this awful color on my toes? Did I pick this? I promise it looked much better in the bottle. And I think the lighting in the salon made it look different too. (The picture actually looks better than the real life version too.) So now what? I have flourescent pink toes that I paid $30 for! That day I abandoned my flip flops and wore shoes for the first time in months. When I took them off, my worst fears were confirmed. The first thing Charlie said to me was "that color is AWFUL!"

What should I do? Pay to have them re-done? Try and reach them myself? Or just live with this flourescent nightmare for the next few weeks until I can finally bend at the waist again?


Shannon and John said...

That is funny because that happended to me too last time I got a pedicure. I picked out a color I thought was peach but turned out to be bright coral. No one liked the color, but I kept it anyway since I paid so much for it. Over time, the brightness wore off and now it looks more like the color I thought it would be. If I were you, I'd keep it. Ugly color still looks better than no color. By the way, when are you due?

Mikael said...

your feet look really tan. Did you put fake tanner on them?

Carrie said...

I don't believe in fake tanner. It smells!

Baby Wood is due August 17th! Just a few more weeks to go.

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

I think they look good! I need a pedicure desparately. You've inspired me. I've actually never done it except for at Becky's wedding. It was nice. BUt I agree with you, I would NEVER want the job.