Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kelly & Cassi's Wedding

This past weekend we went to New Mexico for Kelly & Cassi's wedding. They were married in the Albuquerque Temple.

It was a quick trip. We left on Friday afternoon and returned on Sunday afternoon.

They are a great couple! Kelly graduated from the Air Force Academy and is now an officer in the Air Force. Cassi is graduating this Spring from BYU. They are both from Las Cruces, New Mexico. They will live in Utah, where Kelly is currently assigned.

Isaac was well behaved the entire trip! He was adored by grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles.

And our dog sitter couldn't take care of Cracker at the last minute- so he got to come too!


Sherri said...

It is such an adventure traveling with a baby and a dog (especially when going through security!). How did Cracker do on his first flight?

Anonymous said...

aww, poor Cracker, did he hate the plane? To bad we don't live closer I would have watched him for you (I think he is cute).

Sam said...

I'm glad that Cracker got a taste of flying. Lucie says it gets better after the first time, so you can pass that along. Hope to see you soon!

Mikael said...

Carrie you look great! Charlie, you look a bit tired and beat in that pic. Was Cracker being a pill? Glad you guys got away as a whole family! you should bring Cracker to Hawaii!

Charlie said...

Cracker did great on the flight. We gave him a sedative but on the way out- it didn't do much. He was sleepy on the way back.

Mikal- It's too bad you're far away....I'd love to drop him off! He's a bit needy....but I'm sure you'd take good care of him!

Mikael- I wasn't that tired....just bored at an airport....and Cracker isn't allowed on a flight to Hawaii- which is ok..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oops~ Charlie, it was my mistake above. I don't have a username, but so my name doesn't show up here. I'm Yousun. Chris gave me your blogger address, so I came to visit. It's fun. We have such thing in Korea. I guess this kind of thing is also huge in the states, huh? Nice to see your family pictures along with your mom and Chris, too. I don't know when you would check this, but did you check your email? I wrote you an email.

You travel a lot, huh? That's great. and I can't picture you having a dog. Is it fun? I'm happy for you that you seem to have a wonderful life. life here is cool, too. Well... keep in touch, Charlie~ Good to see your pictures again. Bye~:)

Yousun Sull

austin & cherisse said...

wow he is getting so big! We need to hang out sometime this summer, maybe at the beach or something fun.