Friday, April 25, 2008

Grandma's Funeral

We had a nice 3 days in Philadelphia. We spent time with family and mourned the loss of our grandma.

And it's hard to leave Philly without eating a cheesesteak or a soft pretzel or a hoagie. We managed to eat all three! Here's a picture of us at world famous Genos.


Chris said...

I ate all three too!

You forgot to mention that we successfully ate at Genos without being robbed, shot, or had our car broken into. It had quite the ghetto feel. But, it was fun, the food was good, and it was cool to experience some philly culture.

Chris said...

Oh and we had Philly's other icons, water ice and tastykakes, too! Maybe next time we will have to get some scrapple (

Mikael said...

You are the cutest family! It looks amazing there, all sunny and beautiful. Traveling is fun (although long sometimes). Glad you are home and safe :)