Monday, June 30, 2008

San Diego Zoo

Last weekend we had a fun little get away to San Diego. We drove down on Friday night and used some Marriott points to stay the night there. In the morning we loaded up Isaac in the jogger and went for a run through Balboa Park. Next we headed to the zoo. We had some free tickets and thought that Isaac would like to see all of the animals.

Here he is looking at camels with dad.

And looking at the birds with mom.

This bird exhibit was probably the most interesting thing we saw. Not because of the ducks or flamingos, but because of what happened while we were watching. Some other big bird that was hanging out in there ate one of the baby ducks! It was really sad to watch, but also kind of amazing because the bird swallowed this duck whole and you could see it going down his long skinny throat. I felt really bad for the little duck and the mommy duck too.

Isaac's favorite part of the day was snacking on the flyer that they handed us at the entrance.

Cracker didn't get to come with us to San Diego, but he was well taken care of. He had a fun over night date with his girlfriend Lucie.


Bevan said...

Hey Charlie,

Yeah so when i saw your parents I was freaked out cause your Dad had no mustache. Your parents were great and nice enough to talk at 9.50 at night.

Mikael said...

So cute! It is so weird to see you with a grown kid now! I know isaac is still technically a baby, but he looks really big. Time goes by too fast!

Anonymous said...

Awww Cracker has a girlfriend...