Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am pretty behind on my blogging! At the beginning of February we were lucky to have some family come to see us. Charlie's mother, Janelle flew in from New Mexico and our sister-in-law, Cassi came from Pheonix. We had some fun plans for the weekend but things didn't turn out quite how we hoped.
Isaac had a horrible stomach flu for the whole week leading up to their visit. Everyday I kept thinking he was getting better and everyday he kept throwing up and having more diarrhea. All he wanted to do was sit on my lap and watch his Aquarium DVD over and over and over again. I got lots of good cuddle time in, but that was about it! By the time Friday rolled around I had a messy house, no food in the fridge, lots of errands to run, and a few mountains of laundry to wash. We were nervous about Janelle & Cassi catching Isaac's flu but ultimately we all decided they should come anyway. And luckily by Saturday Isaac was doing much better.
But it was raining. So our plans for whale watching and hanging out at the beach were not going to happen. We were able to walk out to the Newport Pier during a break in the rain. We also got our Sprinkles cupcakes, drove by the temple, had lunch at South Coast, and did a little other shopping. It was a fun day but I think we all agreed that the most fun we had that weekend was just sitting around talking.

Cassi, Janelle, Carrie & Isaac on the Newport Pier

Cassi, Carrie, Isaac & Charlie at Sprinkles

Isaac's first ice cream cone - thank you Aunt Cassi!

Sunday, on the other hand, was not so fun. Charlie & I both woke up sick! We spent the day taking turns in the bathroom and laying around feeling miserable. Lucky for us (and not so lucky for them) Janelle & Cassi were there to take care of Isaac. I felt so blessed to have the help. Thank you both again!

We hope the next visit will be a little bit longer, and a lot more fun!

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Amy said...

Sickness = Frowny. You always rave about Sprinkles cupcakes, so one of these days I am going to actually go somewhere that has a Sprinkles and try them. Do you have a favorite cupcake?