Sunday, October 31, 2010


We've had a lot of fun dressing Isaac & Cracker up for past Halloween's.  This year Isaac had an opinion.  A very strong opinion.  He wanted to be Diego from Go Diego Go.  And when we asked him what Cracker should be, he knew right away.  Baby Jaguar of course!  Unfortunately there are no baby jaguar dog costumes out there, so I ended up making this one.  Isaac was super excited and even let us spray his hair brown (too bad it was not quite the right color).  Here are the pictures.  A few good ones and a few funny out takes.  Enjoy! 

The real Diego & Baby Jaguar

Baby Jaguar taking a potty break


Amy said...

Bahahaha - it is so hilarious/awesome how you dress cracker up to match Isaac every year.

CreatedbyKay said...

aaa...Cracker doesn't look as excited as Isaac does LOL!

Shannon said...

Love the costume!!!