Saturday, March 5, 2011

Las Cruces

Three days after arriving home from Utah, we left for New Mexico to visit Charlie's parents.  Charlie recently accepted a position with a new company, and upon giving his two weeks notice at his old job, was asked to leave immediately.  So he ended up with two weeks off of work and more free time than he knew what to do with.  We figured there was no better time for a road trip!  

We made the drive out there all in one day (it's about 11 hours).  Isaac was probably a better sport than I was about sitting in the car that long.  He was entertained by things like windmills, semi trucks, big rocks, cactuses, and his favorite: the many many trains that we passed along the way.  

Besides visiting with family, my favorite thing about Las Cruces is the food.  We had some delicious meals prepared by Janelle, but we also enjoyed a few meals out at La Posta, Habaneros, and Cracker Barrel.  And of course we made a few stops for Sonic drinks since it is conveniently located about a mile from the house (I'm jealous!).

Janelle and Charlie at La Posta

Isaac and Carrie at La Posta

Karl & Isaac watching a fishing show on TV and enjoying Sonic drinks 

Ever since our last visit in July Isaac has pointed out every red jeep we see and tells me it is like Grandpa's jeep.  He was so excited to get to go on more jeep rides!  The rides are a little too bumpy for this pregnant mama, so Charlie and I enjoyed some alone time while Isaac went out with Grandpa & Grandma.  They went geocaching out in the desert one day but Isaac was reportedly freaked out by the "prickly plants" so that didn't go so well.  He also loved being out in the backyard digging in the dirt, playing with his trucks, and exploring among the brush in the back lot (as long as he didn't have to touch prickly plants of course).  

He put his arms up to ensure that no "prickly plants" would touch him

Karl recently retired (kind of - he still goes into the office almost every day) from NMSU, but he is still a huge Aggie fan and goes to all of the games.  And even though Isaac doesn't follow much of the game, he was thrilled to go a basketball game.  We had fun cheering for the Aggies and it was so funny to hear Isaac yelling "Go Aggies, Go!!!" right along with the rest of the crowd.

Karl & Isaac cheering on the NMSU Aggies

Janelle, Charlie, Carrie, Isaac & Karl after the game

Another thing on the to-do list when we visit Las Cruces is to go see the farm animals at the University.  Isaac ended up catching a cold and was in a rotten mood that morning, but he did think it was hilarious to see peeing pigs, and he was more than happy to climb up into the construction vehicles sitting outside.

Cracker came with us on this trip.  He gets very nervous whenever he sees the suitcases come out because it usually means he is getting left.  I'm not sure if he was trying to make sure he didn't get left in New Mexico, or if he just wanted a soft place to relax...  Nothing like a bed of dirty clothes!  

Karl & Janelle were wonderful hosts as usual, and we were sad to leave.  They are planning to move to Price, Utah this summer so this was probably our last visit to Las Cruces and I'm glad we got to go one last time.

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