Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: Cops & a Robber

Around the beginning of September we got a few Halloween costume catalogs in the mail.  Isaac had fun searching through them and looking at all of the costumes.  After some consideration he decided that he wanted to be a policeman.  He changed his mind a few times in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but when it came time to order the costume he stuck with his original plan.  Luke & Cracker got no say in the matter.  

I don't remember the pumpkin patches having much more than pumpkins when I was a kid.  These days they are much more extravagant.  There was a patch right near Isaac's school and everyday when we passed by he'd remind me how badly he wanted to go.  So the week before Halloween we finally went.  Isaac got to ride a pony, feed the farm animals, pull pumpkins around in wagon, climb on hay bales, bounce in the bounce houses, and picked a little pumpkin to bring home.  I'm pretty sure it lived up to his expectations.  

Isaac loved riding this little black horse named Thunder.  He talked about it for days afterwards.  

On Friday night our church held the annual Trunk-or-Treat where everyone parks at the church building and all of the kids get to go trick-or-treating to the cars.

Isaac loved it - especially the Loefke's maze.  I think he went through it at least 30 times.  It was funny when he saw his friend Hudson dressed up as a fireman.  Both boys were genuinely excited to see the other's costume and seemed to understand that they kind of went together.  They were really cute.

After running around the parking lot for an hour of so Isaac was content to sit in the trunk with Charlie and pass out candy for awhile.  He liked talking to all of the kids and seeing their costumes.

On Saturday morning Charlie & Isaac carved the big pumpkin that they picked out at the pumpkin patch.  It made me smile to hear Isaac tell us all about the seeds and guts inside the pumpkin, how we were supposed to eat the seeds, and how he knew what shapes to make the jack-o-lantern's face with.  They read a lot of pumpkin books in his class at school.

Isaac's school had a costume parade on Halloween and all of the parents got to come and watch.  Here he is "shooting" at the other children watching the parade.  Nice, huh?

At last it was Halloween night and time for trick-or-treating!  Isaac was just as interested in everyone's decorations as he was in the candy they were handing out.

We tried bringing Cracker out with us, but he was not being very well behaved.  He got to ride in the stroller for awhile, but eventually he ended up back at home while we finished up our trick-or-treating.

And finally, here is Isaac putting those hand-cuffs to good use while we were at Target later that night.


Amy said...

Charlie's face while passing out candy at the ward trunk-or-treat cracks me up. He looks so over it. :) I think that pumpkin patch looks pretty amazing! I really need to find a good one for next year.

Erin said...

Carrie, I love, love, love the costumes! So cute and creative with Cracker in the mix as well. Looks like you guys had a fun and festive Halloween.

Brady Clifford said...

Carrie, great blog!

That picture of Charlie cleaning out the pumpkin and Isaac watching is exactly how it looks at my parents house. My brother Cole is particular about certain textures and pumpkin guts is one of those!

We need to get on the Wood Hawaii schedule. Looks like you guys had a great time!