Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Weekend

This year was the first time that we have dyed eggs with Isaac.  He was so excited to put the eggs in each of the glasses and sat there watching them intently until it was time to retrieve them.  Celebrating holidays with children just brings all of the fun and magic back, don't you think?

The Saturday before Easter was also my birthday so Charlie made me a Lemonade Cake that I had pinned a few months ago and had been eager to try.  That night we all went out to dinner... and let's just say we decided not to take the boys to any restaurants again for awhile.

Isaac was on Spring Break for three weeks (he is in year round school) so the Easter Bunny had a hard time sneaking away to find baskets and other things until just a few days before.  So this year the boys got Easter boxes filled with some small toys and treats.  Isaac's favorite thing was the movie Toy Story 2 and Luke loved his new bouncy ball.  He likes to roll it all around the house and crawl around chasing it.  It is very adorable.

After church we drove to my aunt & uncle's house in Anaheim Hills.  I have been celebrating Easter at their home ever since I was a little girl and have always had fond memories of Joann's elegant table settings (the china, crystal, and silver - even for the children - always made me feel like a grown up), and the big Easter egg hunt in their beautiful yard.

Isaac was a very determined egg hunter and loaded up his basket pretty well.  I helped Luke find a few eggs - and helped him eat their contents too.

We didn't have much luck getting the boys to luck at the camera or smile, but I still think they are both pretty darn cute.

And if it weren't hard enough to get two children looking at the camera, try ten!  Someone suggested getting a photo with all of the kids together (our boys, my sister Sandy's three children and my cousins' children).

All of the parents kept snapping away in hopes to get a good shot... the last one we took has incriminating evidence of Isaac knocking Luke off of the step and face first into the bricks.  According to Isaac, "Luke wasn't looking at the camera."  So helpful, right?  Poor little Luke had a scratched up nose and forehead for several days afterwards.  I hate it when my children get hurt, especially my little baby.

But to end on a happy note, here is a little video of Luke playing with one of his balls.  It's not the Easter ball, but he loves pretty much any ball he can find.  I'm going to miss watching his cute little crawling baby bottom once he learns to walk.  Enjoy!

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