Monday, March 3, 2014

We Spent All Summer at the Pool

One of our favorite things about living in Woodbridge is that we have access to about 25 different pools plus the two lagoons.  We take full advantage of these amenities during the summer, and probably did so more during the summer of 2013 than ever before.  We were probably at the pool or lagoon between 3 and 5 times each week.  Often Charlie would come home from work in the evening and take the boys swimming for an hour or so while I was getting dinner ready.  Here's a few of the photos that I took throughout the summer.

The lagoon is just down the street from our condo and is kind of like a man made beach with a shallow sandy area surrounding the water.  When we'd go around 4:00 there was hardly anyone there.

Sometimes we'd invite friends to go with us.

Isaac kept the geese away with his water blaster.  Luke was always hopeful that he could catch one.

One of Luke's favorite things to do at the lagoon was to wear his floaty and then belly flop from the sandy area into the pool.

On Saturdays all four of us would usually spend a few hours at the pool together.  The boys always had more fun at the pool when Charlie was there because he'd throw them around and do fun tricks in the water.

The boys started out the summer a little water shy, but by August they had both turned to little fish.  Isaac learned to swim on his own and can navigate the entire pool pretty well.  He still likes to wear goggles that cover his nose, but he gained a lot of confidence and even took to jumping off the diving board.  He took two weeks of swimming lessons, but he was never interested in learning any technique.  He prefers to just play and do his own thing.  Luke still likes to paddle around in his floaty but he is also happy to come out and practice swimming too.  By the end of the summer he could swim under water (to Charlie or I, or the steps) for about 4 or 5 feet and he'd do it over and over again.  He wanted to be like Isaac and jump off the diving board, but was still just a little too nervous to take the plunge.  

Sometimes we'd go with friends to the pool.  Sandy and her kids came out to swim a few times.  Isaac had a primary class party.  My friend Erin came to visit.  We went to my friend Jodie's pool and let the boys play in the fountains.   

Isaac & Luke would usually start out in the big pool and then eventually they'd get tired and then sit in the baby pool and play with whatever toys we happened to bring.  Or just lay and relax in the lounge chairs.  Luke would just get out and in lay in the sun right at the edge of the pool.

Looking back now at photos from the summer it is super noticeable to me how tan they both got and how light their hair was.  Though we are lucky to have nice weather pretty much year round in Southern California, it's not necessarily pool weather.  So we're looking forward to summer 2014 and lots more days playing in the water.

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