Monday, July 28, 2014

Last Days of School

By the time Regional Center determined that Luke no longer qualified for services, there was only one month left until his third birthday (at which point he would exit their program anyway).  They gave us a 30 day exit contract so that he could attend his program at ICEC right up until the day before his birthday.  Isaac and I got to go celebrate with him on his last day.

I warned Isaac that he might need to sit in the back of the room with me so as not to disrupt the class too much, but his old teachers Miss Julie & Miss Coley invited him to come right on up into the circle.  And he had no qualms about joining in with all of the 2 year olds for music time.  

Luke got to pick the last song for the day and he chose the "surfing" song.  The teachers handed out paper surfboards to all of the kids and they danced and did hand movements while they surfed through the song.  You may notice that Isaac's pose is the exact same one he pulled for "surfing" the subway trains of China.  

Next it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Luke.  Miss Julie played her guitar while Miss Coley sat with Luke and Isaac helped lead all of the kids.  

And finally Luke got to open his present!  Every kid always gets a little backpack on their last day at ICEC.  Isaac still has his and uses it as his "spy" backpack, so Luke was really excited to have one too. 

We handed out little gift bags for all of his friends with Hot Wheels cars and Oreos (Luke's picks), and gifts for the teachers.  Luke was over the moon about getting his own little cellophane bag with a car and cookies.  I tried to get him to take photos with each of his teachers, but the little stinker kept pulling silly faces instead of smiling.  Goodbye Miss Coley, Miss Julie, and Miss Nicole!  We will miss you.  

We also had to say goodbye to Miss Lise who was Luke's Occupational Therapist.  She was so wonderful!  Luke loved going to school in Miss Julie's class, but he loved his OT appointments even more.  He was always SO excited to see Miss Lise and would quickly tell me "bye Mom!" as soon as she walked into the lobby to get him.  They always played fun things like searching for plastic animals stuck in silly putty, spraying the mirrors with water & cleaning them, drawing huge pictures on butcher paper, picking up plastic bugs with tweezers, playing the worms in the apple game, and all sorts of stuff.  We will miss her so much! 

I think the Irvine School District had a goal to keep kids in longer than any other school in the country. The last day of school was not until June 25th!  By the time that last week rolled around we were all very ready to be done.  

For Isaac's last day all of the Kindergarten classes walked over to Springacre park and had a pizza party.  It is a smallish park and it turned into total madness with 80+ Kindergarteners, plus younger siblings, parents, and teachers.  We were glad when that part of the day was over. 

Next we walked back to the school and the parents formed a balloon tunnel for all of the graduates to walk through.  The students all received graduation hats, diplomas, and candy leis but I was glad that there was not an actual ceremony.  It is only Kindergarten after all.  

Here is Isaac with his teacher Mrs. Hurwitz.  She was really wonderful this year and very supportive and loving towards Isaac.  

These are two of Isaac's friends, Chris & Ivanna.  They were both in a different class, but Chris is in our ward and he and Isaac had several play dates together this year.  Ivanna was in Isaac's class last year at ECLC.  Isaac's best friend in his class was probably Ivan but he moved back to Russia just before the end of the school year.  I also heard a lot about Lilly, and Yusakoo from his class, and he also played with Aiden from another class at recess.  

I don't know where this kid gets his poses.  

We ran home to change and then quickly headed to the lagoon for a big last day of school celebration.  I didn't take any photos over there, but the boys had a great time.  And they sure are happy to finally enjoy summer!  

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