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Luke's 3rd Birthday

The first week of June we celebrated Luke's 3rd birthday.  It kind of breaks my heart to see him growing up so much, but at the same time I just love watching him learn and grow and develop such a charming and hilarious little personality.  He is such a lovable and funny little guy and has brought so much joy to our family over the past three years.

Here he is on the night before his big day, showing me he is two little fingers for the last time.  And of course clutching onto Blue Mouse and his googins for bedtime.

He had been eyeing his wrapped gifts for days ahead of time and was just dying to open them all up first thing the next morning.  We picked two to open and then we saved the rest for a little later in the day when Isaac got home from school.  Charlie had been traveling that week and didn't make it home until the evening, and I thought it would be too cruel to make Luke wait that long.

In the weeks leading up to his birthday we had several discussions about what gifts he wanted most.  His top four requests were: 1) An ice saw, or a "cut the ice" saw as Luke would say.  If you've seen the movie Frozen, you know the scene at the beginning where the men are cutting ice and singing the Frozen Heart song.  Luke LOVES that part and reenacts it by jabbing the ground with any long object he can find and singing "Huh!... Huh!... Huh!"  He reeeeally wanted an ice saw of his own.  2) A pet blue mouse that talks.  I mentioned this in my last post.  I don't know where he got this idea, but luckily he was pleased as punch with the cat toy that my mom brought when she was visiting.  3) A monster truck with a hat on it.  Don't know where he got that idea either, and I couldn't find one (maybe I should have just glued a hat onto a truck, but I didn't).  4) A digger with two shovels on it (a backhoe loader).

Before we started opening, Isaac & I sang Happy Birthday to Luke.  He loved it.

I was really worried about making his ice saw dreams come true.  Toy ice saws do not exist.  I decided to go with a chain saw and luckily it was a huge hit!  Although he has never once said a word about cutting ice with it.  It is strictly for cutting trees.  This kid knows his saws.

I also got him a tool box filled with tools, including a small saw, just in case the chain saw was a flop.  He loves the little tools too and has had fun "fixing" all sorts of things around the house.

His Wood Grandparents sent him a Batman Imaginext play set and some extra figures to go with it.  This has been a really fun toy that's gotten lots of use.  He especially loves the Batman figure and his motorcycle, and a little plastic penguin (I think it goes with the Penguin villain guy) that Luke calls "Speedy Duck" and takes it in the bath with him on a regular basis.

He also got his backhoe truck, an Imaginext airplane (because he always wants to take Isaac's), a Disney Planes play set from his Stran Grandparents, and a Switch & Go dinosaur that Isaac picked out for him.  He was delighted with all of the new things to play with and was pretty awesome about sharing with Isaac too.  (Though he wasn't that happy about Isaac's help in opening all of his gifts.)

When Charlie got home we headed out for dinner at Chik-fil-a.  Luke's request.  I don't think he likes the food that much.  It is the playground that has stolen his heart.  We managed to convince him to eat a few bites of dinner before running off to play.

Back at home it was time for cake!  Luke had requested an Oreo cake and was maybe more excited about the cake than his presents.  I found a recipe on Pinterest and set to work.  It turned out looking pretty awesome, but the cake itself was terrible.  Actually the frosting was the bad part.  It was WAY too much butter and despite my adding an extra two cups of powdered sugar at the end, it still did not taste sweet.  Luke loved it anyway.

This is why we never bother to hire a photographer for family pictures:

We sang Happy Birthday....

And just as we were finishing, Isaac jumped in and blew out Luke's candles!  Brother of the year. You better believe there were a lot of tears after that.

So we lit them up again, and this time Isaac stood back with his sheepish grin and let Luke do his thing.

Grandma & Grandpa Wood called to talk to the Birthday boy.  Luke loves talking on the phone and made sure to show them how old he was that day.

I'm pretty sure our boys won't always be satisfied with simple family celebrations, but for now I think they are perfect.  We had a fun and happy day and Luke was all smiles.  We love this little Luke of ours.

Here's a few fun facts about Luke at three years old:

  • His favorite things to eat are chocolate (Nutella) toast, macaroni & cheese, triangle Triscuit crackers, chocolate cat cookies from TJs, strawberry yogurt, ice cream, Oreos, watermelon, strawberries, bananas, Cheerios w/ milk, and cinnamon raison toast from TJs.  He has quite the sweet tooth and would eat treats or snacks all day long if I let him.  He rarely finishes his food (unless it is a treat), which drives me totally crazy.  He also loves to drink (anything but water) and requests drinks all day long.  
  • He loves going to the park and climbing on the playground, going down slides, and having me push him in the swing.  He's very particular about his feet getting dirty though and is really bothered about sand in his shoes or any mud that might get stuck on the bottom.  
  • He has been fully potty trained (including bedtime) since 28 months and has only very rarely had an accident. 
  • He loves to find spiders in our house.  Who knew we had so many tiny spiders hanging out in the remote corners of our house?  He gets SO excited every time he finds one. 
  • Luke is very enthusiastic about pretty much everything in life.  His excitement is a bit hilarious and he makes everything more fun.  He loves to go anywhere and everywhere.  His favorites are the pool and the lagoon, Target to look at the toy aisles, the park, Chik-fil-a, and riding scooters on the road.  And he loves taking baths.    
  • His favorite TV shows are Caillou, Cat in that Hat, and Phineas & Ferb (thanks to Isaac).  His current favorite movies are Frozen, Despicable Me, and Home Alone.  
  • He is a talker and always has a lot to say.  He speaks really well for his age but of course still has a handful of mispronunciations.  Some of which I find to be really adorable.  He calls the minions from Despicable Me "mingons," Lighting McQueen (another favorite) is "My-a-queen," bananas have always been "banas" until just recently.  He has some trouble with his "l's" so he calls himself "Wuke," says "pweese" instead of please and when he wants me to pick him up says "wet me up!" When he needs to use the toilet he always says "I'm supposed to go to the bafroom!"  He says those exact words every time.  He's recently started using the word "actually." He uses it appropriately for the most part, but it still cracks me up every time.  At dinner time he always says (just as we are sitting down) "WAIT! We can't eat yet!  We forgot the blessing!"  And then he loves to be the one to say it every night.   
  • He loves to play with his Imaginext Rescue City and Batman play sets.  He gets all of his guys and acts out all kind of play scenarios using different voices and everything.  It is hilarious to watch.  For some reason he has become really attached to the only girl figurines that we have: a random Polly Pocket doll that we got in a kids meal once, Kelly - the girl from Handy Manny, and Uniqua from Backyardigans.  They are some of his favorites, along with Pablo from Backyardigans, Batman, and the "golden guy" who is just an Imaginext guy with yellow clothes.  He also loves it when I help him to build big crazy trucks and flying ships with his Duplos, and he has recently started playing with trains a lot and having me build tracks all around his room.  
  • Whenever I do reading time with Isaac, Luke stays close by because as soon is Isaac is done reading, Luke knows it is time for me to read and he comes running.  His favorite book is a Dr. Seuss book called A Fish out of Water.  He will sit and listen to that book over and over for as many times as I will read it.  
  • His favorite color is blue, but he also loves anything that is "golden" (yellow).
  • He really wants to grow bigger.  He saw an episode of Caillou where Caillou was told that if he drank his milk that he would grow bigger.  Luke has never been a milk drinker, but he has recently started to request it because he wants to grow.  He has also taken to standing on tables and chairs and then declaring "I'm bigger!"  I'm not sure if he realizes that he's actually on the smaller side for his age.  He has just recently started wearing 2T shirts and most of his pants are still 18-24 months.  But he is such a cute little thing - I don't really want him to grow.  
  • He sleeps with his two "mouses" every night.  Mousey, aka Cookie Monster Mouse, and Blue Mouse - the squeaky cat toy.  He also still sleeps with his pacifier "pa" and his baby blankets which we call "googins."  When I put him to bed he loves to give me goodnight kisses, which pretty much melt me.  He tells me "how about goodnight kisses?" and then proceeds to give me at least a dozen of them before popping the pacifier back in.  He's also been telling me lately "Mom, I like you" just randomly throughout the day.  I like you too Luke.  
That's kind of a lot.  And I could write more.  He can sometimes be a little stinker with a lot of attitude, but he is also quite the charmer with an adorable and lovable little personality.  He is a joy!  Happy Birthday little Luke.  

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Kay said...

So stinkin' cute!!! Thanks for sharing your family on the blog so we can see them grow. I enjoy reading it. What a great family history resource too! Love you Carrie! You have such a cute family.