Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dream Job: Restaurant Reviewer

I have a question on my mind that I have been thinking about all week. I'm usually rather decisive when it comes to making these kinds of decisions, but this time it's an exception. So here it is......what should I order for dinner on Friday night?

Carrie and I are going to my favorite restaurant this weekend in San Diego. A few months ago, she was rewarded at work for a project she completed with a $150 gift card to my favorite restaurant- The Oceanaire. I doesn't sound right. Her great favorite restaurant....and to top it's her birthday this weekend! I have a great wife!

But you know it has to be a good restaurant when we plan a weekend around it! I discovered it in Minneapolis a few years ago. We celebrated after a tough business meeting. I have since eaten at the San Diego location a few times and their Atlanta location. I think they have 11 locations nationwide- which is alarming because it means they could be in danger of losing their excellence. I've seen it many times when a nice restaurant expands too aggressively across the country and loses its originality and character and becomes the next Olive Garden. (bland food for the masses)

The restaurant is expensive, the portions are large, and the service is excellent. And the food is fresh and very tasty. And we have $150 to spend! (that's a lot of good food) I think Carrie and I should become restaurant reviewers. In our local newspaper, the Irvine World News, the past few weeks, the restaurant reviewer has written about IHOP and Daphne's (Greek fast-food chain). What is wrong the reviewer? Who doesn't know that IHOP's pancakes and Daphne's falafels and humus are great? We would do a much better job! We could discover new restaurants like the Oceanaire and let all of Irvine in on the secrets. It probably doesn't pay well, but at least we could eat for free.

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