Saturday, April 14, 2007

Would This Pay the Bills?

Both times I have come to Hawaii, I can not help but can I live here? It's absolutely beautiful and leaving is painful.

Because I do not think there is much of a demand for Sales & Marketing Managers for Consumer Products on these islands, it would probably require a career change. But that's ok....aren't we suppose to change carrers 4 to 5 times during our life? So maybe it's time for my first change?


Mikael said...

I totally agree!!! How about you guys move to Hawaii and me and Derek will follow. Colorado didn't workout, so Hawaii it is!!! See you in a little while :)

Christopher said...

Did you guys induldge in poki? Do you like Poi yet? Carly and I went to a Hawaiian party on Saturday. The poki was brought in from Hawaii, but I am wonderin how fresh it was, because it made me sick.

Charlie said...

I don't know what Poki is. In Hawaii we bought groceries. We went out twice- once for seafood and once for hamburgers.

Traditional Hawaiian food is known to be bad. The new Hawaiian/Asian fusion cuisine (a la Roys) was invented by a bunch of chefs a few years ago. (I saw a special on this)