Monday, May 21, 2007

Buddy Needs a Home

Charlie & I have been wanting to get a dog for a long time. We figured it would be best to wait until I stop working so that our dog won't have to be home alone all day. So we have been counting down the months until the baby comes, and are looking forward to two new additions to the family.

We want to get a rescue dog rather than a new puppy. I don't know that I could handle a new baby AND a new puppy. Occasionally I browse Craigslist or, just for fun, to see all of the cute dogs that need homes.

Last week I found Buddy. Isn't he adorable?! We were planning to wait a few more months, but when I saw this guy I changed my mind.

"Buddy is an addorable, loving mix. He is three years old, has been lovingly cared for and is in perfect health. He is well trained, does fabulous tricks, loves running and playing with other dogs."

Sounds like the perfect dog! Plus, his headline says he is kid friendly. PERFECT!!! Charlie is sold too. I e-mailed his owner a few days ago... still no response. I just tried calling her. No answer. Could it be that she has already found a new home for Buddy? I'm heartbroken!


Shannon and John said...

Buddy is so cute!!! I hope you can adopt him. That is so great that you want to adopt a dog. There are so many awesome dogs out there that need a good home. Like our two dogs!

Mikael said...

Maybe Buddy ran away and is trying to find you, and that is why the lady isn't answering!?? I think you guys are cute for wanting a dog Along with the new addition of the baby! You sure will be busy!
Hope buddy calls back :)

Rebecca said...

Carrie - are you kidding me??? You want a dog and a baby. Good luck :o) You are braver than I am.