Monday, May 7, 2007

Nesting Instinct

Def: Around the fifth month of pregnancy, the "nesting" instinct can set in. This is an uncontrollable urge to clean one's house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of old projects and to organize your world.

I now feel slightly less crazy when stating that the highlight of my weekend was scrubbing the kitchen sink. Sure, my weekend was a little on the dull side (I have a cold and Charlie is out of town), but I really did get a thrill out of this sink scrubbing.

If you've never heard of a little wonder called Bar Keepers Friend, I suggest you give it a try. This is no ordinary cleanser! As their website says: "Once Tried, Always Used! Bar Keepers Friend will be your "cleaning friend" for life!" I'm sold.

The kitchen sink in our new place was pretty nasty looking. It was covered in stains, scratches, knicks, and paint drips. Since the previous owner had the whole place professionaly cleaned when he left, I assumed the sink was a goner. I'd tried cleaning it once or twice already but it still looked pretty much the same. Then my nesting instinct kicked in and I was suddenly inspired to start scrubbing! Add a lot of arm muscle, a hearty sprinkling of Bar Keepers Friend, and an hour later our once nasty old sink now looks brand new! (Well, "new" with a few knicks out of it.) I was truly amazed at the transformation. I wish I had some before and after pictures.


Shannon and John said...

To bad you have to be pregnant to have the nesting instict. I wish I had it more frequently so I would clean more. How was Hawaii?? I can't wait to see your new place. We are coming out in June.

Carrie said...

Hawaii was great! Very relaxing and fun. Maybe I'll get around to posting pictures someday...

We would love to see you guys in June! When will you be here?

Rebecca said...

Is this the Carrie I know??? The one that had such a ridiculous mess in her and Mikael's room? Not so. I don't believe it. You cleaned??? :o)