Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Pink Dogs

Whenever Charlie travels for work he always brings me back a little gift. A few weeks ago he went to Seattle and brought me back a cute little dachshund cookie cutter.

(Yes, we are totally obsessed with our dog. We have officially become those crazy dog people that everyone makes fun of.)

This weekend we decided to make some dachshund sugar cookies. Charlie did the baking...

...and I did the frosting. Cracker stuck close by in hopes that he might get to try one.

And in the end, we ended up with four dozen little pink dachshund cookies. We tried to make brown frosting, but it didn't quite turn out. Since when do red & green make pink?


Mikael said...

You FINALLY updated your blog! YAY!!! I stopped looking at it becuase it was static. But now I am excited to see what you post.
Gosh, those pumpkins are ridiculous! My fave was the Monsters one, that was awesome.

Chris said...

If you ever come accross a cookie cutter for an English Setter, GRAB IT! They kind of look like Springer Spaniels too, so that would also work.

Cool cookies. Who did you give them to?

You guys should start a weiner dog club in Woodbridge. Cracker could be the unwilling President. Or perhaps you're not THAT obsessed with your dog?!?!

Charlie said...

There might already be one. We should look into it. There is a Dachshung club in San Diego. They get to together every few months at a park and the dogs play. Cracker's breeder and sister are part of the club.

There are also Dachshund races in Huntington Beach that we wanted to go to- but it was on a Sunday.

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

That is the cutest thing. Yay for little pink dogs. That's making me hungry.