Sunday, October 28, 2007

My Week With Mikael

My best friend Mikael and her little girl came to visit us for a week. It was fun to have her here and a nice break from our normal routine. We went on morning walks, went to the beach, to the parks, the pool, got Sprinkles cupcakes and Golden Spoon, went shopping, and out to lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, they were here right during all of the fires so they had to put up with all of the smokey air. But we had a great week anyway.

Enjoying our Sprinkles cupcakes

Lunch at Souplantation

Getting Isaac ready for bed


Shannon and John said...

mmmmm, Golden Spoon. I miss that place. How fun you got to spend a week with Mikael. Just like old times minus the boy issues. Hehe.

Shannon and John said...

Your hair looks cute long