Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Tree Lighting

Tonight we headed over to Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach, CA for the lighting of the nation's tallest Christmas Tree.

You would think the nation's tallest Christmas tree would be in Washington DC or New York City......but it's in Orange County. The tree comes from Northern California.

Here we are at the lighting. (Isaac was not enjoying it very was not one of his better nights)


Shannon and John said...

wow, that's tall. I get kind of sad knowing that they cut down trees that tall. Did you cut your hair?

Sam, Sherri, Daniel, and Lucie said...

We were there earlier that day for a dachshund party at Muttropolis. Next time we will have to meet you there!

Rachel & Ryan said...


I found you, keep in touch, I would really like to get together sometime when we go out to Disneyland or the beach.