Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving, we went to Price, Utah and stayed with my brother Chris and his wife Carly, and their three kids.. My parents drove up from New Mexico and my brother and his girlfriend were there from Ogden and Provo.

Here is their home. It's a very cute house and we felt very welcome.

Here are some pics of the weekend:
Me and my Mom
My brother Kelly and his girlfriend, Cassie

My brother Chris and his wife, Carly.

Carrie, Isaac, and Cracker

Carly, and Ginny


Sam, Sherri, Daniel, and Lucie said...

I love that you took Cracker with you. Isn't it great to have two kids!

Rachel & Ryan said...


Your family looks great, I can't believe that your mom hasn't aged one day from when we were cub scouts. It is great to see some pics of you guys. I would really like to meet up some time if you come to Phoenix or the next time we go to the beach or Disneyland.


Mikael said...

cute pics! I love to see your thanksgiving. Isaac looks HUGE!

Charlie said...

Ryan- Good to hear from you. Please email me your phone number and address. (

And come see us anytime! We are 10 miles from the beach and 10 miles from Disneyland. We have a small condo and your family is welcome anytime!

kristi said...

Yea yea a comment from you! Thanks for your kind words!!!