Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day Six

We took an early morning walk this morning along the coast with Isaac in his baby backpack. It was a beautiful morning!

We headed back to the northern part of the island today to Lumahai Beach. I've never seen South Pacific, but this is the beach in that movie. When we first got there it was so hot that we couldn't even stand in the sand without burning our feet, but it eventually cooled off a bit and turned out to be a beautiful day. I liked this beach because there was hardly anyone there and because the water was really calm and clear. That is my kind of beach! We stayed there for a few hours and swam, relaxed, and ate lunch.

Later we went back to Tunnels for more snorkeling. Chris & Carly took turns with Charlie & I watching the kids so we could all have a chance to get out and snorkel.

Here is a picture of Isaac after rolling around in the sand. He is a funny kid. He does not mind one bit getting dirty or wet. He is a good little beach bum!


Carly said...

Hey! I know you're nearby, but we've had such a good time with you guys and just loved getting to know Isaac better. Mahalo for such a wonderful vacation!!!

Shannon and John said...

Wow, your pictures are so beautiful! It looks like you guys are having so much fun. Issac is having a blast it looks like.