Saturday, September 28, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

We arrived home from San Diego on Saturday night and Sunday morning was Easter.  We decided to celebrate at home this year.  The boys were super excited to find their baskets waiting for them in the morning.  Luke's favorite thing was the candy and Isaac's favorite was the Ninja Turtle DVD.  

We were kind of party poopers this year because we didn't dye Easter eggs or go to any extra egg hunts.  We did spend some time with Isaac talking about Christ's resurrection and the Easter story, and of course we went to church.  After church we did our own egg hunt out in our front courtyard.  I bought WAY too much candy and ended up with over 70 eggs, which was certainly more than we needed for two little boys.  I hid them all anyway.  

When Isaac was a toddler we practiced our egg hunting skills at home before the big day, but we set little Luke loose with no practice (unless you count last year when I carried him around my aunt & uncles' yard).  Luke figured it out pretty quickly, but he was no match for Isaac the egg hunting pro.  

Isaac basically took off running and loaded up his basket within just a few minutes.  We had to tell him to back off a couple of times and let Luke get some eggs too.  None of them were too hard to find, but at the end we did have to guide Isaac to a few that were a little trickier.  

In the end I think Luke only had about a dozen eggs and Isaac had found the rest.  Most had candy but a few had little toys and we made sure that things were fairly even in the end.  Meaning Charlie & I got our fair share of candy to eat too. 

Happy Easter! 

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