Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Crazy Dog People, Mother's Day, and the Blimp Hangar

Little by little I intend to get this blog caught up and then maybe.... just maybe, I will keep it current!  Here are a few happenings from the month of May 2013.

On May 3rd we celebrated Cracker's 10th birthday.  Yes, we are those crazy dog people.  We love our furry friend and it's always fun to have something to celebrate, right?  Charlie was out of town so the boys and I put on our hats and partied it up with our wiener dog.

We had breakfast for dinner complete with a nice crispy side of bacon, which is one of Cracker's favorite things to eat.  He was pretty excited about his special dinner.  (And no he doesn't eat at the table, I just couldn't help myself from staging these awesome photos.)

Though it's always nice to have a little extra attention and some spoiling on Mother's Day, one of my favorite parts this year was how excited Isaac was to give me the art project that he made at school.  He talked about it for days telling me how he'd used my favorite colors, purple & blue.

All About My Mom
My mom is: 42
The best thing she makes is: little hamburgers
When I am at school my mom: go(es to) look at pretty jewelry
We like to: build Legos together
My mom looks beautiful when: she wears the prettiest jewelry
My mom is special because: I give her tons of kisses at night

This kind of cracks me up because anyone who knows me knows that I really don't wear much jewelry at all, other than earrings or an occasional necklace.  But Isaac is still extremely proud of the necklace that he picked out for me at Christmas time and often requests that I wear it.

I wanted to take a photo before church with the little loves who have made me a mother.  They were more cooperative than usual which was a nice Mother's Day treat.

Charlie made us nachos for dinner.  I love nachos.  And one of my greatest guilty pleasures in life is fake nacho cheese.  Seriously.  But Charlie fancied them up by making homemade pico de gallo, guacamole, beans, and carne asada.  Everything was delicious. (Unfortunately Charlie got super sick that night after dinner so I doubt we'll be eating this meal again anytime soon.)

Charlie also baked a chocolate cake from scratch.  Impressive, right?  I did help with the frosting though.

In the evening we went out on a walk together around the lake.  I love living in such a beautiful community and am glad that we take full advantage of the trails and outdoor areas.  Luke got tired after awhile so Charlie carried him on his shoulders.  It looked so funny with Luke hanging on around Charlie's forehead.

Anyone who lives around here has without a doubt seen the enormous blimp hangars at the Tustin Marine Corps Station.  These massive structures have been around since World War II and since they are now retired, the surrounding area has been developed into a shopping center and residential housing.  It would be hard not to notice these gigantic buildings that are the backdrop of our local Costco.  So when someone in our ward sent around information about an open house at the blimp hangars, I was super excited.  Charlie was not interested (party pooper) so I took the boys to go check it out.

I've always known that the hangars were giant, but walking up close to them put their size into greater perspective.  If you look in the photo below you can see the tiny people standing at the base of the doors.  And that's another thing that was shocking - the doors!  Can you even believe that the whole front of that building is a towering set of sliding doors?  Yes, I know I'm a bit of a nerd for getting so excited about this place but after driving past the hangars for the past 9 years or so I was really curious about going inside.

The purpose of the open house was a community meeting in which developers discussed some of the proposed uses for the surrounding areas and development of the Irvine Great Park.  I wasn't totally uninterested in learning more about that, but my boys certainly were.  I had no expectations for them sitting through a presentation, but they did stay seated for a few minutes while enjoying their chocolate chip cookies.

Isaac was disappointed at the lack of blimps inside the hangar.  I had warned him this would be the case but I think he was still hoping to find something military related.  There was what appeared to be a small blimp and some air tanks down at the far end of the hangar, but we were not permitted to go back there.

I was fascinated by the inner construction of the hangar because it is made entirely of wood.  When looking up at the   In fact the hangars are two of the largest wooden structures ever built and are said to contain the largest covered, unobstructed open space in the world.  It was impossible to capture the vastness of the interior with my camera.

We saw several families from our ward there and the boys had plenty of fun running all around.  By the time they were ready to start the actual meeting we were ready to go.  But before we snuck out the side door, we got to watch as the warning signals buzzed and the giant front doors slid closed.  I loved the whole experience and was so glad that we got to go.

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