Sunday, August 12, 2012

Company Picnic

Charlie has been working at DKB (Zyliss) for about a year and a half now.  This year the company decided to invite the employee's families to the company picnic.  It was held at the Irvine Regional Park on a very hot day in August.

The woman who planned the event was smart to have a dozen or so of these plastic spray bottles filled with water.  The kids - especially Isaac - loved running around squirting each other with water to cool off.

There was a bounce house for the kids to jump in and several games & races for everyone to participate in.  Isaac really loved watching the Olympics this summer so he was thrilled to earn a couple of his own gold medals.  He wasn't very successful with the egg/spoon race, but he was a good little jumper in the potato sack race.

Charlie participated in the hula hoop contest and took an impressive third place.

I stayed on the sidelines to act as photographer and to keep an eye on Luke who was busy doing his two favorite things: climbing (the fence) and throwing (handfuls of rocks).

After lunch and all of the games, we were free to go enjoy some of the other activities at the park.  The train ride that goes around the whole park is probably the biggest attraction there and both boys enjoyed it.  Isaac really wanted to stick his hands out and touch the wheels.  Really Isaac?  And Luke thought it was fun to stand up on the seat while we were driving (with Mom holding onto him of course).

There were horse rides with little miniature ponies for the smaller kids but Isaac was big enough to ride the taller horses (maybe they were ponies too though?).  A guide took him out on a trail and they got trotting at a pretty decent pace.  Afterwards Isaac told us it was his favorite part of the whole day.

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