Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac's 5th Birthday

Where does the time go?  Isaac turned 5 years old and I think that officially makes him a kid now, not even a toddler.  He's growing up so fast!

I asked him what kind of treat he wanted to bring to school to celebrate with his class and suggested cupcakes, cookies, brownies, etc.  But Isaac insisted that he wanted to bring fruit.  His "favorite fruit salad" as he calls it - strawberries and mangos.  So I chopped up a great big bowl full and that is what he brought.

His birthday was on a Saturday this year.  Once again we asked him if he wanted to have a party or just celebrate with our family and he chose to spend the day with us.  We managed to pack in quite a bit of fun.  First things first of course, he had to open his birthday presents.  I don't know how he always ends up with so much stuff.  I originally bought him four gifts, but then needed to add one more, and his grandparents send gifts too.

The one thing he wanted most of all this year were the Incredible Hulk "Smash Hands."  He has no idea who the Incredible Hulk is but he saw a commercial for these green foam rubber gloves and the kid wearing them smashes through brick walls, a coffee table, etc.  Isaac was absolutely convinced that he would be able to smash our furniture with his own set of Smash Hands.  I was convinced that they were a complete waste of twenty bucks and had no intention of buying them.  But a few days before his birthday when he was still talking about them Charlie convinced me that I really needed to go out and get them.  Isaac was thrilled and immediately attempted to smash our coffee table. I think he was a little disappointed that the table did not splinter into pieces (like I told him a million times!) but he still loves them regardless.

He loves the Imaginext toys right now so he got the Toy Story 3 landfill play thing, some kind of space robot, and two "fighting dinosaurs."  He also got a new bike helmet, a transformer, and play foam.

We hurried and got ready and headed out to our new favorite beach, Crescent Bay in Laguna Beach.  We always try and go early to get an easy & free parking spot on the street, have an empty beach, and a chance to explore the tide pools while the tide is out.  It was overcast and cool that morning and we had a nice relaxing time.  Luke even got to come out to the tide pools this time to explore a bit.

After lunch and Luke's nap we went to Boomer's to ride the go karts.  Isaac loves driving the kid sized go karts, and he also likes to ride with Charlie in the big kart.  Poor Luke couldn't ride on anything and was super frustrated by all of the balls that he couldn't have: the golf balls on the mini golf course, softballs in the batting cages, basketballs and even ski balls being tossed and rolled all over the place.

Charlie & Isaac played a 4-D shooting game with all sorts of animated creatures that popped out of the screen at them.  I had to laugh as Isaac kept inching further and further away from the screen.  I finally asked the attendant if I could try a pair of the glasses.  It was a pretty lighthearted game and not necessarily scary, but I could see why Isaac was feeling a little uneasy!

Luke finally got to join in (or at least hold a steering wheel) while Dad & Isaac played a racing game.

Isaac had woken up with a cough that morning but seemed to feel fine all day.  After leaving Boomer's we headed to dinner at Super Mex - Isaac's request.  By the time we got there Isaac was suddenly super sick!  He barely ate his dinner and laid down on Charlie's lap while we finished.

He had requested a Boston Cream Cake for his birthday cake and I decided to make it rather than buy one this time.  We squeezed a little smile out of him for a picture but he didn't want to eat any cake.

Poor kid was really feeling more like this:

Isaac is a very dramatic cougher.  He was up all night coughing to the point of making himself throw-up.  Not such a great way to end a birthday, but we did have a fun day.

Here's a few fun facts about Isaac at age 5:
  • Loves playing the monster truck racing game on the iPad
  • His favorite foods are strawberries & mangos, slider hamburgers, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, bean & cheese burritos, granny smith apples (with no skin), Oreos, banana bread, and Diet Coke 
  • Has a tough time sharing with Luke but has fun tickling and wrestling with him
  • Calls Charlie "Mr. Attitude" and tells us that he's "About to lose it!" when he gets mad
  • Some of his favorite toys are his Imaginext trucks, which he calls "poyers" because they are "dangerous"
  • His favorite TV show is Robot & Monster on Nickelodeon 
  • In karate he has a yellow belt with one black stripe 
  • He loves to be in the water and will spend hours floating around in the pool
  • Every commercial he sees has him totally convinced that we need to run out and buy something. He especially loves to tell me about cleaning products that will "blast out the stains!" 

We love this kid.  He can be a little crazy at times but he is full of fun and imagination and personality and we love him!  Happy Birthday Isaac!

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