Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie had to spend his 35th birthday in all day meetings at work.  Boo!  But when he got home that evening we got to celebrate.  Isaac is always a great helper when it comes to opening gifts.

After dinner we all enjoyed his yummy Boston Cream cake.  I really enjoy making cakes from scratch but Charlie didn't want to be faced with too many left overs so he chose to have a smaller cake from the bakery instead.  Isaac loved it and immediately decided that he wanted "Boston cake" for his birthday too.  I love these photos of my four boys.

A few nights later we went with some friends to the Guadalajara Grill in Baldwin Park for Charlie's birthday dinner.  This place is the real deal for an authentic Mexican experience.  They have a live mariachi show that plays on stage after dinner.  It's the perfect atmosphere for our boys because it is loud!  We are always the only white people in the whole restaurant and I always forget that everyone else dresses up at this place.  There are lots of people celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and quinceaneras so some of them really deck themselves out.  It is fun!

I wish I had taken better pictures but Luke was not being very cooperative that night so I was mostly focused on keeping him somewhat quiet and in a seat until the music started.  Then he was free to run around and dance.

Happy Birthday to Charlie!

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