Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School

Since this is technically Isaac's third year of pre-school, I wasn't feeling like it was such a big deal when he started up the new year.  But the night before Charlie chided me for not even buying Isaac a new school outfit.  And then I didn't really even get a good first day of school photo of him.  Okay, so maybe I am a terrible mother!

Here he is writing his name tag for the first day.  Handwriting is tough for him and his letters are very big - so he used two name tags and made a "puzzle."  

He is in a year round "On My Way to K" program, and it is a mainstream class.  He is doing really well so far despite the fact that his teacher left after just a few weeks to go teach at a different school.  Since they started at the beginning of August he already has fall break coming up next week!

One of his favorite things is the "homework" - which involves keeping a reading log of all the books we read together (we've been making trips to the local library to stock up), and playing on a website called that has all kinds of letter and spelling games.  He thinks it's pretty cool to get to use mom's computer.

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